BOE IPC·2018 convened to bring together companies and experts to create a new ecosystem for IoT
The BOE Innovation Partner Conference (BOE IPC) was convened in Beijing on November 7, bringing together IoT (Internet of things) companies and experts from all over the world to discuss the applications, technologies, and development trends in various niche markets of the IoT industry. During the conference, BOE presented its latest devices and solutions, IoT systems, smart systems, and their innovative applications, from which the audience experienced the remarkable changes brought to people's everyday life by the development of IoT technology.
Wang Dongsheng, founder and Chairman of BOE, delivered a keynote speech titled "Scenarios: the Key to IoT," in which he said, "The benefits of the IoT should be reflected in better satisfying people's yearning for a better life." The development of IoT is a process that integrates high-quality algorithms, formed by professional resources such as knowledge, standards and experience, with powerful computing power (AI, sensing, computing, storage, transmission, display), functional hardware and software, together with scene-related effective mass data, and constantly evolves, upgrades and creates value. Therefore, "scenarios" are the key to open the door of value creation of the IoT. This is the reason BOE put forward the vision of "Ecoresystem: Open and Connected".
At BOE IPC - 2018, Kevin Ashton, coiner of "Internet of Things", delivered a speech on innovative IoT application scenarios. Chen Yanshun, CEO of BOE, gave an all-round interpretation of the company's innovative applications and scenarios in the field of IoT, in his speech titled "Focus on Scenarios, Collaboration and Win-Win". Meanwhile, Georges El Fakhri, professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, Leon Xu, Vice President of JD.COM, and Onur H. Karabey, CEO of ALCAN Systems GmbH, gave keynote speeches on "Role of Molecular Imaging and AI in Healthcare", "Creating a Better Future with Technology", and "The Future of Smart Antennas". During the conference period, seven forums were held on seven topics – display devices, sensor devices, intelligent manufacturing services, smart retail, digital art, mobile healthcare, and smart healthcare services. The technologies, products, and applications in the different sub-fields were discussed at these forums.
In recent years, BOE has continuously launched intelligent interface products and solutions to build sub-ecosystems of IoT. In the field of devices and solutions, BOE has introduced an 8K UHD solution incorporating an 8K display device, 8K decoder, and 8K content cloud platform, as well as a variety of foldable, bendable, flexible AMOLED displays and under-screen fingerprint identification solutions, and advanced sensing technologies and solutions for medical, industrial, information interaction, gene sequencing, and more. In terms of IoT systems, BOE provides innovative products, services, and solutions for smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and smart energy. In the field of smart healthcare, BOE provides users with all-round healthcare services through a mobile health management platform and digital hospital.
Since BOE put forward the vision of "Ecoresystem: Open and Connected" in BOE IPC 2016, the company has cooperated with thousands of global partners. BOE will actively open up its application and technology platforms, innovatively integrate information technology with various industries, and work with partners to offer global users an excellent experience of innovative IoT applications and services.